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TIC National Truck Fleet Report 2015 (March)                                                                                                           The aim of this report is to provide government, the broader road transport industry and the public with a better understanding of the nature and scope of the Australian truck market, in particular, Australia's truck fleet age and noting the trends in new truck sales, as well as the issues that are currently faced by the sector. A number of key points emerge from this report that have an impact on the future of economic, transport, safety, environmental, and social policy developed by Governments at both the Federal and State levels. Download the report here.

TIC Policy on Speed Limiters and ADR 65/00  (March 2013)
A short Policy Statement has been released on the matter of heavy vehicle speed limiters and the serious issue of tampering with these devices to enable a speed greater than 100 km/h.  Download the Policy Statement here.

(Produced by Transport for NSW Centre for Road safety, January 2013)
Download the brochure here.



1.     TIC, in association with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), has developed a Code of Practice (for Heavy Vehicles) Manufacturers Plate (January 2015). The document details the requirements of an Original Equipment Truck Manufacturer (Truck OEM) to identify equipment (bodies, 5th wheel, etc) that have been installed by the Truck OEM under their control and quality procedures. The Truck OEM accepts responsibility for the design and fitment of the equipment detailed on the Manufacturers Plate. It can be downloaded here.

2.     TIC has produced a Code of Practice for the Conduct of an Automotive Recall (September 2012).
The document mirrors a similar code produced by the FCAI for recalls on light vehicles.  It can be downloaded here.

3.     TIC Developed a Code Of Practice to Ensure An Adequate Field of View for heavy vehicles in 2010.  This was updated in April 2012. the Code was revised in May 2015 to include a section on: Optional Technologies. These systems can increase a drivers awarness of persons or objects around a truck. Download the Code (May 2015 version) here.

4.     TIC Developed a voluntary Code of Practice for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Motor Vehicles (May 2007).  This Code can be downloaded here.

5.     TIC and CVIAA jointly developed an Industry Code for 26 Metre B-Double Plating Requirements (April 2006).  Download this code here.


1.     Mark Hammond, CTO of TIC presented to the NSW-RMS Green Truck Partnership, on 17th August 2016 in Sydney. Download presentation here.

2.      Simon Humphries, CTO of TIC, made a joint presentation with David Coonan of the ATA at the National Road Safety Forum, held at Parliament House, Canberra, on 24 August 2012.  Download the presentation here.

2.     Simon Humphries, Chief Technical Officer of TIC, and manager of the T-Mark Truck Market Sales Database, presented at the ITTEC12 Conference in Port Melbourne on Tuesday 13 March 2012.  The presentation was entitled "Truck Sales Trends and Outlook".  Download the presentation here.

3.     TIC Presented at the Victorian Safety Drive Day at Sandown Racecourse to a veriety of regulators, compliance and enforcement officers, senior industry executives and fleet operators.  Download the TIC presentation (3 Mar 2011) here.


1.    TIC provided a response and feedback to the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment Reform project office.  Download the TIC response (dated 13 Aug 2013) here.

2.    TIC provided commented to the Consultation Paper on the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.  The Paper was released by The Department of Infrastructure and Transport in May 2013, with TIC's response being submitted on 21 June 2013.
Dowload the TIC response here.

3.     TIC commented on the National Heavy Vehicle Braking Strategy Phase 1 Regulation Impact Statement, along with the drafts of Australian Design Rules 35/04 and 38/04.  The Discussion Paper was released in April 2013.  TIC's Response (31May2013) can be downloaded here.

4.    TIC prepared a detailed response to the Review of Emissions Standards (EURO VI) for Heavy Vehicles Discussion Paper.  
The Discussion Paper was released on 25 Oct, 2012.  
Download the TIC response (30Jan2013) here.

5.     TIC Commented to the National Transport Commission on their "Cooperative ITS Regulatory Policy Issues" Discussion Paper, as released in November 2012.
Download the TIC Submission (31Jan2013) here.

6.     TIC Commented to the National Transport Commission on "A national framework for modular B-Triple operations" Discussion Paper.  Download the TIC Submission (30Sep2011) here.

7.     TIC Commented to the National Transport Commission on the proposed National Heavy Vehicle Law and the formation of a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NVHR).  Download the TIC Submission (6May2011) here.

8.     TIC Provided Feedback to the Department of Infrastructure & Transport on its National Road Safety Strategy
Download the TIC NRSS Comment (18Feb2011) here.

9.     TIC Commented to Department of Treasury on the Proposed Implementation of an Excise for Alternative Transport Fuels.  
Download the 1st Submission (12Nov2010) here.  
Download the 2nd Submission (18Feb2011) here.

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