About TIC

The Truck Industry Council, Australia's peak truck manufacturer and major component supplier group, has set itself the task of marketing its core messages namely:

  • Safety - Advances in today's trucks make it safer for all road users to share the road; and
  • Environment - Advances in truck technologies means reduced emissions making the transportation of our everyday goods and services greener and less polluting to the environment in which we all live.  Further, enhanced productivity of today's trucks result in less carbon dioxide being produced per tonne-kilometre of freight carried.

The Truck Industry Council is responding positively to concerns of the public by building trucks that meet the world's most stringent safety and environmental standards.

Associated with these two positive messages is Council’s third message; that of communicating to the broader public an understanding of the essential role trucks play in the distribution of goods and services that are vital to us as individuals and to the economy.


The Mission of the Truck Industry Council is to promote the community benefits of modern truck technologies, while achieving the goals of continued growth, positive image and profitability of a successful truck and major components industry in Australia.


  • To introduce products and services to the market place that ensure an innovative, safe and environmentally friendly truck industry in Australia;
  • To represent TIC board policy positions to its audiences to achieve the TIC mission;
  • To act as a discussion forum for member companies on issues that affect TIC's mission and objectives;
  • To share, legally and ethically, market information which will allow the TIC to achieve its mission and for its members to better understand and serve the industry in Australia;
  • To promote the image and development of employment and career opportunities in the industry to the public and educational institutions;
  • To promote and develop a positive public and media image for the truck manufacturers and supplier industry; and
  • To work professionally with government and other industry associations to achieve TIC's mission.
Last updated 25 August 2016